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Spiritual Warfare Offensive & Defensive Techniques

Spiritual Warfare Offensive & Defensive Techniques

Spiritual Warfare Offensive & Defensive Techniques

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Your instructor for this 5 hour workshop is Dr. Will Hawkins Jr. Metaphysical Scientist, Naturopath, Inventor, Licensed Clinical Pastoral Therapist and founder of Ancient Water. 

Have you ever been attacked psychically and felt that strange sense of helplessness because you didn't know how to stop it? The attacks can be painful, draining and scary. They can also severely damage the chakras and auric field. It can be quite a challenge explaining what you've encountered to others because they're not operating on the higher levels of mind. 

The U.S government, even taught certain techniques to troops that were deployed to Vietnam, because they knew that the Vietnamese women had their own ancient psychic warfare techniques. Certain sciences regarding the spiritual anatomy were stolen from ancient Kemet and Atlantis among other ancient places. The en-slavers of humanity has used these sciences to help create the mental prison known as "The Matrix". They are highly trained in the secret art of psychic warfare and don't share these ancient secrets outside of certain racist groups like the KKK and Aryan Brotherhood and certain "Super Soldiers." 

The good news is that they don't know how to properly discern and interpret all of the ancient text created by our ancient melanated ancestors... Dr Will's calling is to teach hue-manity how to once again utilize the gifts that were forgotten and suppressed. We can and will defeat the evil ones. "They" are shaking in their boots right now because they know that once enough of us learn to defend ourselves psychically, the whole matrix will collapse. The ancient oppressors of free humanity are trying everything to stop the ascension. If you stand on love, you're ability to protect yourself and others is far greater than you know. Especially, when you learn certain techniques to strengthen your energy field. 

Skills learned in this class will include:

1. How to direct energy through your pineal gland, the ultimate psychic weapon.

2. Strengthening your biofield the correct way for protection.

3. How to recognize psychic vampires and removing "attachments"

4. Melanin activation and how to use the "God Particle"

5. The food and drink of the gods to harness greater mental and spiritual energy.

6. How to recognize and block hypnosis attempts

7. Dr. Hawkins technique for aligning yourself with the Earth's natural vibration. NOT Cern or HAARP!

Included will be videos taken of how the aura responds when using the techniques that you will learn. This will give you a visual so that you can see the proper way to project your energy and what to expect. Remember, with greater power comes greater RESPONSIBILITY.

Links to the online seminar will be provided the day before the seminar.

Workshop is Saturday May 25th from 1:00 PM EST

Namaste ~Jessica

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