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KPS + Aura Video 21 Day Regeneration Program


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It is well known in Naturopathic circles that it takes 21 days to form new habits, Dr Hawkins takes this time to entirely reset your energetic blueprint bringing about an increase of vitality and overall health.

This is achieved with 4 of the most advanced technologies on earth including the Intentionator Phi which directly potentizes each subtle body directly, all the way to the Causal Plane. With this device, natural remedies can be made specifically for your energetic anatomy.

Also included Electronically Encoded Affirmations ® (EEA) using patented, former secrecy order technology that non-invasively downloads information directly into the subconscious mind for healing purposes. Our EEA can be created using your own voice! 🥰 The Kemetic Power Stations are energy management systems that donates electrons, photon, plasma, positrons, and scalar energies that harmonizes and recharges the energy bodies within the body with compatible high-frequency subtle energies.

The KPS release a low voltage output that cleanses the body’s cells of electric and magnetic field pollution (EMF) The KPS stabilize the client’s frequency back into the body and relaxes the muscles. The body is literally made alkaline because of the combination of plasmic fields generated from various noble gases combined with nano silver, gold, and platinum. This generates a Zeta Potential field that brings the client back into their "Home Frequency." This is the natural signature vibration of the individual when they are 111% their authentic soul.

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