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Off-Grid Community Building Workshop

Off-Grid Community Building Workshop

Off-Grid Community Building Workshop
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This very intensive 2-day workshop will be held on Saturday, July 27 - Sunday July 28th.

Join our Virtual Community Building Workshop and learn how to build your own off-grid home and community. 

A partial list of subjects covered include:
  • The 2025 Agenda, how to prepare and cash in.
  • The 2030 Agenda
  • Land ownership best practices and where to purchase good land cheap.
  • Winning big utilizing little known federal resources
  • Preparing your community to survive the coming financial collapse.
  • The best sources to purchase DIRT CHEAP commercial and industrial supplies.
  • Networking with licensed builders.
  • How to purchase, fortify and flip commercial real estate for community building.
  • Fortifying your homestead.
  • Advanced Water purification Secrets.
  • Growing Superfoods
  • Building homes that actually last for hundreds of years.
  • Natural remedies to keep your community safe.
  • The coming Plandemic

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