Federal Grants Made Easy!

Federal Grants Made Easy!

Federal Grants Made Easy!

Small businesses looking to start or expand their global customer reach can use this workshop to spearhead their company's success. 

The Federal Government has released hundreds of millions of dollars to states for the sole purpose of building up small businesses so that they will NOT fail!! They also released tens of millions of dollars to states to give grants to SMALL BLACK BUSINESSES to export their products around the world! We will show you how it's done and how to apply. The ONLY thing you need is a registered business and a a few hours to learn a very simple program, contact your assigned state representative and fill out the forms, which we will assist you in doing so.

You have a huge advantage because we are among the 1st to know of the funding sources, and we have ALL funding contact details. 

We will put you in direct contact the grant officers so that you will be some of the 1st in line.


 2-5-2023 2:00 PM EST

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