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Global Ambassador

Global Ambassador

Global Ambassador

Casting your business net GLOBALLY!!

Our Global Ambassador program is for those who looking to learn how to win U.S. City, State, and Federal Contracts, Conduct business with international agencies, small businesses, and corporations.

Your main instructor will be Dr. Will Hawkins Jr AWRI's CEO. This membership includes one on one workshops so that you may have the most personal experience with the instructor. You will have peace of mind knowing that Dr. Hawkins will work with your schedule.

You will learn how to attain some of the world's greatest patented inventions to build your company portfolio. These inventions will give your company an edge over any competition because they are not known to the vast majority of the world's population. 

You will learn the skills you need to navigate the vast GLOBAL contracting space and you can rest assured that your company will be registered PROPERLY in city, state, federal and international contracting networks. We will also show how it is done. We believe in teaching you how to fish rather than just giving you a fish!

Here's a partial list of what you will learn and what we will provide:

  • assistance finding contracting opportunities
  • Learn the proper way to source products
  • Get your company listed in International Government Databases
  • We will Introduce you to and assist you with partnering with 30 international firms that will purchase from your business. These firms have already been vetted and provided to us by the U.S Federal Government.
  • Exclusive access to our members only business development videos workshops and replays.
  • Monthly Zoom Consultations
  • Partnerships with International Firms
  • No-nonsense proposal writting
  • Choose the products and services that you provide
  • Subtle ways to win Government Purchasing Agents over
  • Sourcing and licensing patents to build your company portfolio
  • One on one workshops

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