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Kemetic god Solution

Kemetic god Solution

Kemetic god Solution
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The Kemetic god Solution was formulated in 2008 by Dr. Will Hawkins Jr. Our Chief Scientist.

Water, Spirit & Life Extension Technology, What Science Reveals 

By: Dr. Will Hawkins Jr.

The Kemetic god Solution

Supplies Free Electrons, Precious Minerals such as Gold, Platinum, Rhodium & Silver inside a Silica based, sacred geometrical shell that has literally been restructured and programmed with scalar based frequencies that assist in re-establishing healthy bodily frequency codes and repairing the chakras and other aspects of the spirit anatomy. Our unique formula fuels, energizes alkalize and cleanse every organ in the body. In the form of Activated Silica Hydride, produced with high voltage Tesla Coils and the Intentionator Phi serves as the best carrier for subtle energy fields that enhance the effects of our nano-meter size precious metals. Ultimately, the KGS has the necessary properties to assist the body in raising its frequency.

Benefits of Free Electrons and positrons contained in the KGS:

* Alkalizes the body
* Lowers Blood Lactic Acid Levels During Strenuous Exercise
* Promotes Intra and Extra Cellular Hydration
* Provides Protection Against Oxidative Stress (free radicals) which cause cancer and aging.
* Increases Mitochondrial NADH production and liberates ATP
* Enhances Mitochondrial Membrane Potential
* May protect and repair Telomeres (DNA antiaging fragments)
* Helps balance the chakras and subtle anatomy

In addition to enhancing function of every organ in the body of humans and animals, the Kemetic God Solution (KGS) has dramatic discernable beneficial effects on the Brain which is fueled primarily by electrons carried by ATP. It is not a stimulant but is a carrier for the fundamental food of life, which is Electrons (not Oxygen).

·Energizes Mind, Mood, & Memory. Good for college professors.

·Reduces chances of Dementia. Everyone over 50 should be taking a powerful antioxidant.

·Reduces mental fatigue, sluggishness, poor concentration and forgetfulness. Good for pilots and drivers.

·Lowers risk of Cognitive Decline by Nearly 50%

Most people think that water is the same everywhere with minor differences. This could not be farther from the truth. Water takes on multiple forms in its liquid state, while in the solid state, no two snow flakes are the same. Water as it circulates in our bodies is biological water and quite different from the bulk unstructured water which most of us drink. Even the water inside our cells (intracellular water) is different from extracellular water in the spaces between cells. As we become older, we are less able to absorb and assimilate not only bulk water but also nutrients, minerals and vitamins. As a consequence our bodies become dehydrated no matter how much bulk water we drink. This is why we often feel thirsty with a sense of something missing even after large amounts of water.

The Kemetic god Solution: Contains minerals in elemental, pulverised form called a colloidal suspension with high concentrations of Silica, Silver, Platinum, Magnesium, Rhodium and Gold. The minerals are not in the ionized salt form, because the salt form would dissolve away. The powder particles are electrically charged and of sub-micron size, some as small as 1-5 nanometres.

Colloidal Chemistry: When sub-micron-sized particles are electrically charged and suspended in water, the water is more able to exert its range of unusual properties (see Water Science), some of which seem to border on the mystical. The particles all take on their surface a positive electrical charge derived either from vortex movement (as in the Tangential Vortex Magnetic Amplifier), or succussion (as in Homeopathy), or from electrical energy introduced in the manufacturing process (as in Colloidal Silver and Gold). This electrical charge, a measure of which is Zeta Potential, makes the water more ingestible and wet by living creatures and more able to donate electrons as a reducing agent (as opposed to an oxidising agent which steals electrons from our body organs and skin).

Water Science: Water has at least 36 different forms each with different properties. Atoms connect with other atoms to form long polymeric sheets, liquid crystal lattice and spherical structures (clathrates) even at temperatures above 100 degrees C. More importantly, water seems able to store information for healing in its vibratory structure especially in variations of the angle which its hydrogen atoms make with the single oxygen atom. All of this order results in bulk unstructurerd water having a high Surface Tension of 73 dynes and difficulty to penetrate cell and mitochondrial membranes and to enter deep inside cells where water and the nutrients it carries are needed most. Health is Wealth! ~Doc


The Federal Government highlights the power of gold nanoparticles: 

The NIH admits that properly prepared silver nanoparticles kills SARS-COVID-2  

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