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The NEBULA Cosmic Water Generator is our commercial atmospheric recycling technology that extracts over 650 gallons of water from the air per day. Making it easy to store large amounts of water for your community. This commercial generator is equipped with our NASA-Based water filters and nanosilver treated air filters, providing unmatched protection against air and water contamination. Our filters are certified to remove biological warfare weapons from water. The NEBULA CWG is trailer mounted and very portable.

The perfect add-on option is the AWR-5000. This advanced water purifier pulls bio-compatible frequencies from every layer of the earth's magnetic field, including the exosphere through our dreamcatcher antenna, and restructures water with those frequencies, along with nano silver, zinc, magnesium, platinum, or gold.

Applications Include:

• Natural Disasters

• Remote Locations

• No ground water

• Contaminated Water

• Commercial Agriculture

• Military Installations

• Humanitarian Projects

• Hospitals, Schools, Offices

• Crisis Relief Centers

• Fire Stations

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