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High-Tech Sustainability & Our Partnership with NASA

Published on July 31st, 2022.

Ancient Water Restoration takes sustainability very seriously. As the world's most advanced water purification company, we know that the world's most cutting edge technologies should be used to assist The Earth in her healing processes. This is why we have partnered with NASA and other federal agencies to set new sustainable goals that will ensure a new type of technologically advanced, enhancement of Earth's ecosystem. For the record we are rolling out our green-initiative in the southern states of Georgia and Texas respectively. This will benefit humanity tremendously and propel us 500 years into the future. Some of the benefits of our High-Tech Sustainability Program includes:

  • The creation of thousands of new jobs within the first 90 days.
  • Lowering residential power cost by 80% and commercial power cost by 40%
  • Advanced upgrades to water treatment plants that will remove ALL pharmaceuticals and chemicals from U.S drinking water supplies.
  • Sewer treatment plants will become major sources of electrical power generation, therefore, becoming a supplement/backup for the electric powergrids.
  • Residential and commercial buildings will become radiation proof.
  • Minature water treatment plants installed discretely in homes that also purify the air. Adding additional layers of protection to U.S Citizens.
  • Strategic development of a green economy.
  • The full backing of the Federal Government.

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