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Gravitobiology & The Sacred Geometry of Restructured Water.

With over 50 combined years in the water treatment/purification industry, Ancient Water Restoration's Scientists have come to the conclusion that water is a vast storehouse of high-level geometries, symmetries, and frequencies. For example, drinking water can be treated in special ways to unlock certain dormant potentials nestled deep inside the human brain. Our scientists have spent decades researching, experimenting with, and cataloging various types of frequencies, and vibrations that improve overall mental and physical performance. Presently, it is high time that AWRI offers an advanced custom modification of our commercial/industrial water purifiers to include special types of built-in frequency generators. 

The addition of frequencies has been found to enhance overall ion and nanoparticle effectiveness and longevity. This feature allows the user to modulate the current outputs to the electrodes by a specifically chosen frequency or range of frequencies. The user can choose, at the time of order, from a wide range of frequencies already recognized to have unique healing qualities. (This also includes animals and plants) Other uses include killing waterborne pathogens and parasits when all other means have failed. For example, you can target a specific pathogen in a fish farm, let's say, sea lice by coupling nanosilver and a specific frequency that will kill the lice. Or to achieve certain other goals or predictable benefits. 

An automatic frequency sweep is included. This feature covers a small range of frequencies, thus capturing a wider range than a single frequency could. A special input (audio) can be added for external sources of frequencies or more complex audio such as music or specific tones, to produce the types of water demonstrated by Dr. Emoto.

In fact, we are designing specific types of specialty waters for professional sports teams and individual athletes to enhance their strength, endurance, mental power, and overall performance.

Please call us for consultation if you are interested in exploring an opportunity to explore the expansion of what is possible using our commercial water purifiers. 

Dr. Will Hawkins Jr. Chief Scientist, Ancient Water Restoration Incorporated

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