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Corteva sewer discharge leads to odor, park closure in Harbor Beach

Published on August 1st, 2022.

A discharge from the water treatment plant at Corteva Agriscience in Harbor Beach on Friday led to a pervasive odor in the community and the closing of Judge James H. Lincoln Memorial Park.

Sarah Brooks, operations and sites communications manager for Corteva Agriscience, said in a statement the discharge on Friday occurred while the plant was operating within water discharge permit limits and the company shut down the water discharged to the sewer.

The company is working with the Harbor Beach Area Fire Department and the Harbor Beach Wastewater Treatment Plant supervisor to return the sewer line to normal, Brooks said.

"The Corteva Harbor Beach Operations water treatment plant observed a change in the discharge to the city sewer while operating in compliance with water discharge permit limits on Friday," Brooks wrote in a statement to the Tribune. "This change resulted in a pungent sewer-like odor that the community may have experienced."

During ongoing mitigation efforts, the Judge James H. Lincoln Memorial Park will be closed, Brooks said.

Harbor Beach Area Fire Department Chief Jason Lermount was not available for comment Sunday afternoon.

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