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The Indus-Stainable Porta-Plant®

At Ancient Water Restoration, we are ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding and resolving water quality issues. With more and more contaminants polluting municipal water systems the nation over, we must be vigilant citizens at all times. For instance, the recent discovery of the MCR-9 Gene in Georgia's wastewater. Gene discovered in Georgia water a possible global threat. According to The University of Georg ia this can be the start of a "New Pandemic" involving our drinking water. Something that I predicted on record back in 2018.

Curiously, at almost the exact same time that the MCR-9 Gene was discovered in GA. The federal agency Medical Counter Measures started reaching out to small business owners in an attempt at possible solutions for "antibiotic-resistant bioweapons" used against the U.S. Is it a mere coincidence that the MCR-9 Gene renders bacteria antibiotic-resistant? We think not. We contend that even the most polluting industries can be transformed into sustainable powerhouses. 

Take for example, almost 50,000 gallons of clean water are required to manufacture one new car. Up to 500 gallons to process a pound of chicken and almost 1800 gallons to process a pound of beef. Most of that contaminated water is discharged back into nature hardly treated at all! The same is true with the majority of wastewater in the U.S across the board. AWR's Indus-Stainable Porta-Plants® are cost-effective solutions to these and other problems.

Enter the AWR-IPP (Indus-Stainable Porta-Plant)®

As AWRI's Chief Scientist I coined the term "industainable" to describe my new invention. The Porta-Plant checks many boxes. Namely, it's portable, sustainable, and produces from 500,000 - 10,000,000 gallons of clean water per day from ANY source. Three versions are available. *Upgrades are also available to treat seawater.* Utilizing four Certified Space Technologies, our IPPs (Industainable Porta-Plants) are capable of removing greater than 99.9999% of bacteria, viruses, and many other contaminants.

According to our partners at NASA: "The filters are capable of sterilizing water from all microbiological pathogens, including biological warfare weapons. Since the filter’s absorption is based on the ionic charge of the macromolecules, the potential exists for separating proteins and other particulates on the basis of their charge differences. The separation of specific proteins signifies a major new thrust in biotechnology."

NASA further states that:

"Recent studies have shown that viruses can percolate far further underground than bacteria and can contaminate groundwater supplies as a result." Our Porta-Plant also removes heavy metals and chemicals. Including, 1-4 dioxane, tritium, pesticides, herbicides, etc. During large-scale emergencies, bottled water won't fit the bill. Hospitals, The U.S Military, Chemical Plants, Schools, Churches, and Entire Communities/Small Towns can benefit from AWR's Industainable Porta-Plants.

The World's Only Virtual Photon Chamber

I invented the patent pending Virtual Photon -PDM® (Pathogen Deactivating Matrix) which is an advanced energetics technology that utilizes restructured UV virtual photons, quantum potential, and scalar energetics to create a destructive energy field that deactivates pathogens within water and air. Specifically designed for inactivating resistant strains of bacteria and viruses that are no longer controlled by conventional UV, antibiotics, or chlorine treatments. The Virtual Photon-PDM® can be used with ANY UV treatment system to increase its effectiveness. Powered by solar panels your water resources will be protected when you need them most. The Porta-Plant can be assembled quickly and encased in an optional housing unit.

Written By: Dr. Will Hawkins Jr. Chief Scientist ~Ancient Water Restoration

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