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Mini water treatment plants for your home & Business!

If you are looking for the best water treatment service in the U.S then you have come to the right place. Our NASA-Based water filtration systems removes pesticides, herbicides, fluoride, chlorine, lead, viruses, DNA, RNA, cysts, bacteria, and more! In fact, the federal government asserts that our water filters: "Are capable of sterilizing water from ALL microbiological pathogens, including BIOLOGICAL WARFARE WEAPONS." This can't be said about reverse osmosis or any other type of water filtration technology on earth. Our water filters also leaves beneficial minerals in your water. Why settle for a distant and more expensive second best when you can have the very best in advanced water treatment technology at less than half the cost? We offer many types of NASA-Based water filters to handle all of your water purification and filtration needs. Book a consultation with us today to get a custom water filtration system made for your home of business! 

*Most of our NASA filters are double pleated. Some include our nano silver and carbon blocks for filtration efficiency of 0.001 microns