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Activist Janet C Phalen

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If the U.S. Black Population knew Janet Phelan and understood her many sacrifices (including putting her own life in danger NUMEROUS TIMES) to expose environmental racism and the countless systemic attempts at mass genocide of our communities in RECENT TIMES, we should protect this Freedom Fighter. 

In the Spirit of Harriet Tubman & Frederick Douglass we honor Janet's tireless research and advocacy for Black People and for loving us enough to tell us the TRUTH!

Janet is telling you the TRUTH about the systemic attempt to decimate us using water and water delivery systems as weapons. 

In fact, we saw those delivery systems, ie remote controlled valves etc. SILENTLY rolled out in Jackson Mississippi in 2022 via the mega corporation "Siemens" during the time when some customers were overcharged BY THE THOUSANDS for water they could not drink. 

Siemens effectively stole millions of dollars from the city of Jackson and with the installation of the remote controlled valves, Jackson MS. residents water could be selectively & remotely shut off OR WORSE!

Janet's story is stranger than anything that James Orwell would have dreamed of and it would behoove ALL U.S. Citizens to read her articles and books expeditiously BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!! 

~Dr. Will Hawkins Jr. CEO Ancient Water Restoration