• World Water Day & America's Water Crisis


     Ancient Water Restoration has partnered with UN Water and for the 1st time will be hosting a World Water Day event at The Palladium AVX Theater in Houston TX on May 22 - 23rd from 1-8 PM!!! Our event will focus on the Global Water Crisis with an emphasis on America's water woe's that includes coli-form, lead, dioxin, radioactive tritium and other toxic chemicals, pathogens and toxins. Of-course, we will discuss Flint MI and the crisis that is taken place there, standing rock and holding major corporations accountable for polluting the water for the rest of us.

    We will introduce advanced knowledge about alkaline, restructured and living water across the board. Top African leaders and UN Ambassadors will be in the house to show you how to grow your business in the African market and establish trade with Africans! Top scientist from around the world will be here to educate you about water filtration and purification systems and how to prepare for emergencies. We will also do brief interviews with ALL OF OUR VENDORS and display them on the large screen. If you would like to become a vendor at this historic event send us a message and we will send you the vendors form.