• Kemetic god Solution


    The brainchild of Dr. Will Hawkins Jr. our Hip Hop Scientist. This is a very special solution designed to enhance the immune system, as well as psycho-spiritual health. We combine gold, platinum, palladium, iridium, silver and zinc atoms inside a silica shell to produce a very highly vibrational, mineral remedy to energize us all on multiple levels. Many major universities has proven that gold is excellent for enhancing mental functions. Our new solution also contains 1 ppm of two different meteorites, one of which crashed in Kemet in 2009. The meteorites bring extra esoteric information and very rare elements from other parts of the universe that can help us truly integrate higher forms of consciousness. 

    Platinum, palladium and rhodium, enhances spiritual awareness, but the key is to take it as a supplement and NOT, we repeat NOT use it for bling bling. You see my people gold, silver, platinum, rhodium and palladium are minerals just like zinc, copper and magnesium are minerals. It is Dr. Hawkins thesis that the "devil" is systematically keeping this info. from us in order to keep us depleted in the best minerals that would otherwise keep us functioning in an optimal state. In other words, breaking it all the way down...   "They" are quick to tell us that: "The only reason that our Kemetic/Egyptian ancestors used gold cups, plates and utensils was to "floss" and show how much wealth and power that they had."  Hip Hop, we say to you that this is utter hogwash and bullCHIT!

    Our ancestors were NOT and we repeat again, and again, NOT idiots! They understood the medicinal uses of all of the precious metals and held them in high esteem but DID NOT worship them as mainstream academia would have us believe. When combined with certain frequencies, the precious metals become much more potent. This is something that ancient alchemist have known for tens of thousands of years. We use the right combination of plasma, color, homeopathy, frequency and precious metals to bring to you, a modern day alchemical formula for overall health!