• Hawkins Silver Bullet


    We are very pleased to introduce our newest Silver Solution generator!

    Now you can create high quality, laboratory grade Silver Solution using any
    potable non-chlorinated water, juice or fluid.
    This beautiful generator like our others makes the 
    smallest nanoparticles in the world (1-5 nm) with the
    highest Zeta Potential to inactivate viruses, bacteria, mold and fungus.

    • Two large pure silver electrodes, each 1” x 4”.
    • Controlled constant current ensures highest quality.
    • Alternating polarity self-cleaning of electrodes.
    • Powered by external supply of voltage between 9 and 50 v, or solar panel, or automobile outlet or 12 volt battery.
    • Fits inside container with opening of 1.5" to 5” (4-7 cm) diameter, such as Mason jar.