• AWR-6000 Industrial Water Purifier (treats 700,000 Gallons/Day


    All of our purifiers come with NanoCeram Filters and water pumps

    This Water Purifier Package Includes: 25 Foot Filters, industrial water pump, 4 Pairs of Electrodes and A State Of The Art Virus Sampler


    INPUT VOLTAGE: 24 VDC from our internationally approved switching power supply for any country (100-250 Volts AC input) 

    POWER CONSUMPTION: 10 to 48 W Max. load independent (current cannot change from level selected by user)

    INPUT FREQUENCY: 50 TO 60 HERTZ to our supplied international switching power supply. 

    OUTPUT VOLTAGE: Controllable and Adjustable by the user from 0 to 48 VDC for Precise control of Ion Production.  High 48 voltage is needed to combat low conductivity, pure water. 

    OUTPUT CURRENT: 8 models from 0.6 to 20 amps with user variable fine control from 0 to maximum.

    CURRENT STABILITY:  Current is independent of load and will not overload with highly conductive salt water or short circuit.

    CONTROLLER BOX: Weather Proof Robust Solid Die-cast Aluminum (Option of flanges for mounting)

    CONTROLLER BOX DIMENSIONS: 13.5" X 10.3" X 9.4" (LxDxW) 

    FLOW RATE:  20 TO 480 GPM through 4” diameter cell chamber. 


    IONIZING CELL: 4" PVC TEE with See Through Transparent Extension For Viewing Of Electrodes. 1.5” reducing Bushings If Needed

    CELL REPLACEMENT: Hand tight union threaded cap contains two replacement electrodes for easy removal of electrodes.

    ELECTRODE SIZE: 12" LONG PAIR (very heavy).  Each of width 30 mm, 12" length x thickness 4 mm

    ELECTRODE COMPOSITION: 99.99% pure Silver, Copper, Zinc, Gold, Magnesium or your choice of other Metal Electrodes

    COPPER TEST STRIPS:  Included in package

    AUTO-REVERSING POLARITY: Solid State Electronic Switching Circuitry with Automatic Sequential Alternating Polarity Switching for self-cleaning and balanced wear on Electrodes.

    INDICATOR DISPLAY LIGHTS: Light Emitting Diodes Display Input Power, Cell Power, and Polarity. 

    TEMPERATURE LIMITS: 32 F (0 C) min. to 120 F degrees max.

    SAFETY & FIRE PROTECTION: automatic re-settable solid-state fuse, lightning protection, metal box cannot burn. 

    STANDARDS:  Meets or Exceeds UL, CSA and NSF Standards.

    WARRANTY: One Year on manufacturing defects