• 8 Oz. Silver Solution


    Silver Solution is made with the newer technology and is far greater than colloidal silver. We make mineral solutions, colloidal minerals a specialized mineral water your overall health needs. Our Silver Solution Formula infused with homeopathic frequencies was created by Dr. Will Hawkins Jr. in 2008. Initially certain non-melaninated scientist claimed that the formula wouldn't work, then later they tried to pirate and steal his formula.  Although a few companys have jumped on the bandwagon and marketed the idea as if it were their own creation, there is a very specific process involving certain high technologies, such as the Intentionator Phi, and The Kemetic Power Station that are used to create this very unique restructured water that our Silver, Gold, Platinum, Rhodium, Palladium, Zinc and other precious metals are suspended in to create our high grade solutions and colloidal minerals, that others simply can't match... 

    You have the option of choosing which homeopathic frequency you would like your mineral solution to be restructured with. At less than 2 NM ( Nanometers) Our silver particles are the smallest of any colloidal minerals on the market. Another important dividing factor is the shape of our particles, which are spherical. Colloidal Silver can kill over 650 different diseases, However Silver Solution has proven to be much more effective. 

    Basically, Our Silver Solution particles are spherical shaped   

    and will remove an electron from, for example, a bacterial membrane, thus rupturing the pathogen and killing it on contact.  It also kills viruses. Silver Solution disables specific enzymes that many unwanted microorganisms need to metabolize oxygen (breathe). When this enzyme becomes disabled, the microorganisms cannot thrive. 

      Frequency/Potency choices

    You can choose from several frequencies and potencies to restructure your silver solution. We will update the list as time goes on because it is very extensive. keep in mind that potency and frequency are slightly different things. Frequency is associated with radio, gamma, infra-red, and microwaves, etc.  Potencies are higher dimensional energies that serve as the blueprint for frequencies such as for example the astral realm made up of particular potencies. This is why two radio waves colliding from opposing directions will create a scalar wave. The radio waves cancel each other out, and ultimately, the energies go back to where they emerged, the much higher dimensions. Therefore, we are dealing with the blueprint or causal frequencies that exist in the mental, astral and spirit realms. Your choices are NOT limited to this list. Contact us to see if we can provide a specific frequencies or potencies that are not listed here.

    Spiritual Anatomy Healing                        

    1. (7)Chakra balancing
    2. Etheric body 
    3. Astral body
    4. Mental Body
    5. Nadis
    6. Aura damage repair
    7. Aura congestion
    8. Minor chakras


    1. Gold
    2. Palladium
    3. Platinum
    4. Silver
    5. Boron
    6. Zinc

    Bach Flower

    1. Agrimony. This remedy is for those who want to take off the mask and deal with deep rooted emotional issues and release them.
    2. Crab apple. This remedy is for detoxing and helps clear issues of self hate.
    3. Elm. This remedy is for confidence, motivation and drive
    4. Black walnut. This remedy is for detaching spiritual parasites.


    1. Emerald. Used to balance the emotions and heart chakra
    2. Black Obsidian. Used for grounding and dispelling negative forces. We believe that it enhances silvers ability and vise versa to destroy pathogens and energy parasites in the aura.
    3. Jasper. used to balance the aura and allow the flow of higher fields of consciousness into the aura.
    4. Turquoise. Creates balance between the lower and higher levels of the aura, therefore strengthening the entire field and making it healthier and resilient against attacks.
    5. Carnelian. In our view is one of the absolute best stones for cleaning the aura, meridians and chakras included. Works very well with gold, silver or platinum solutions.
    6. Black Opal. This stone strengthens the meridians between the crown and root chakra. It increases intuition by bringing higher forms of light into the aura. It's also known for grounding capacity. Therefore good for  both the manifesting and liberating currents.
    7. Malachite. Excellent for strengthening the heart chakra and heart centered awareness. protects the aura from the effects of electromagnetic pollution.