Introduction to Nanoparticle Purifiers


Our purifiers work by releasing into the water electrically charged non-ionic copper and silver atoms which inactivate the subtle biochemistry of bacteria and viruses. Consequently ionizers are now replacing chlorine in swimming pools, fish ponds and hot tubs. In contrast to oxidizers like chlorine, bromine, ozone, the copper and silver atoms and nanoparticles act as catalysts, do not evaporate and do not lose their electrical charge which can last for many months. The advantages of Ionization purifiers include the ability of the user to electrically control the amount of ions and nanoparticles going into the water, no filters or chemicals to add, ease of installation and portability, small amount of electricity (less than a 60 watt lamp).


Ancient Water Restoration's Purifiers

We specialize in non-chlorine water purification systems using copper, silver, and high frequency ionization without chemicals combined with options of Ultra-Violet and Ozonation to disinfect drinking water, swimming pools, aquaponics farms, aquariums and waste water. We supply drinking water purification systems to cruise ships, and to oil drilling rigs where the water is retained in holding tanks that would otherwise easily become polluted within a day by algae, coliform, norovirus, legionella, staph, strep, etc. no matter how well it had been treated beforehand with man made chemicals.  Even distilled and RO water can go bad. Copper and silver atoms in trace amounts are safe, tasteless, odorless and retain effectiveness for many months in killing a wide spectrum of harmful bacteria and viruses, while being harmless to all multi-cellular organisms.

1-12 channel purifiers using medical grade silver & copper electrodes (Or any of 12 minerals and their combinations)

In order to effect separate control over the ppm of silver and copper in the lake/pond for fish farms and aquariums where some fish thrive better with Silver, a two channel ionizer with one copper and one silver electrode is available. It features replaceable Silver and Copper electrodes and 10 levels of separate electrical current control over each electrode and now replaces 10 different models.  Each control can be turned down to zero so that any ratio of Copper to Silver can be achieved. Our purifiers allow you to choose the actual size of the nanoparticles that you are creating, from 0.2 - 100 nanometers. Standard features of our purifiers which ensure the smallest nanoparticles are self-cleaning of electrodes (alternating polarity every 5 minutes), high frequency modulation and constant current control. More details are at  

Our newest innovation in nanotechnology gives YOU complete engineering control of Nanoparticle size down to 0.2 nanometers!



Non-ionic, nanoparticulate copper & silver

AWR purifiers produce Nano-atomic particles, (also called nanoclusters, nanoparticles), in contrast to free ions, such as in copper sulphate and silver nitrate, which are corrosive, and oxidizing. Nanoparticles carry an electrical charge which is neither oxidative or reductive, but acts as a catalyst to inhibit the respiration cycles of primitive organisms and plants. Nanoparticles are 0.2 to 10 nanometers produced by electrolysis from pure copper/silver or 10 other metal electrodes using high frequency pulse modulated Direct Current. This process is called Water Ionization.

UV Light Chamber and Ultraviolet Particle Sterilization

In what Dr. Hawkins has termed "Ultraviolet Particle Sterilization" the water is exposed at a controlled rate to, for example, copper, silver, magnesium or zinc nanoparticles charged by two sweeping frequencies of ultraviolet light, therefore increasing the effectiveness of the nano-particles. The bacteria, viruses, or lice absorbs the UV radiated particles, which destroys or inactivates their DNA, thus preventing the bacteria from reproducing. Both lice and their eggs are destroyed by this lethal combination. The amazing thing about our method of Ultraviolet Particle Sterilization (UVPS) is that our particles continue to vibrate at a higher rate even when traveling away from the chamber. 

AWR's purifiers utilizes UV light of two wavelengths, 254 and 185 nm. 254 nm UV light is called the germicidal light because of its ability to destroy microorganisms. It is used to disinfect and destroy ozone. It penetrates the outer cell wall of the microorganism, passes through the cell body, reaches the DNA and alters the genetic material, destroying the organism. The 185 nm light carries more energy than the 254 nm light. It generates hydroxyl (OH·) free radicals by cleavage of the water molecules, and is used in TOC reduction to decompose organic molecules into carbon dioxide and water. Our solid-state UV lamps are powered by low voltage (24 volts) and are immersed in the water that flows through the same chamber as our electrodes. Thereby, creating engineered nanoparticles that vibrate at the rate of UV light!  No fragile, expensive, high voltage lamps or quartz windows are necessary. Specifically, Ultraviolet Particle Sterilization (UVPS) causes damage to the nucleic acid of microorganisms by forming covalent bonds between certain adjacent bases in the DNA. The formation of such bonds prevent the DNA from being unzipped for replication, and the organism is unable to reproduce. In fact, when the organism tries to replicate it dies!

Non-Ionic, nano-particulate copper & silver

AWR's purifiers produce Nano-atomic particles, (also called nanoclusters or nanoparticles), in contrast to free ions, such as in copper sulfate and silver nitrate, which are corrosive, and oxidizing. Nanoparticles carry an electrical charge which is neither oxidative or reductive, but acts as a catalyst to inhibit the respiration cycles of primitive organisms and plants. Nanoparticles are 0.2 to 10 nanometers and are produced by electrolysis from pure copper/silver electrodes using high frequency pulse modulated Direct Current. The technology is here NOW, however the masses haven't been informed... Take advantage of this advanced knowledge/technology 

Here are just a few of the applications…

      Drinking Water
  • Under sink installs & water vending machines
  • Aircraft, boats & recreational vehicles
  • Water wells & water cisterns
  • Swimming pool & hot tubs
  • Farms, ranches & trailer parks
  • Schools & hotels
  • Aquarium, hatcheries and nurseries
  • Ice making
      Food Processing
  • Brewery & winery
  • Soft drinks, fruit drinks and juices
  • Bottling facilities
  • Dairy processing
  • Liquid sugars, sweeteners and edible oils
  • Water based lubricants
  • Pure wash water
  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Laboratories, hospitals and clinics
  • Maternity labor and delivery areas
  • Pathology labs, kidney dialysis
  • Animal husbandry
  • Silver Solution, Colloidal Silver & other Mineral Solutions
  • Cosmetics and electronic production
  • Pond & lake reclamation
  • Laundry water
  • Fish Farms & Aquaponics