The brainchild of Dr. Will Hawkins Jr. Ancient Water Restoration's main objective is restoring overall health and balance by the proper revitalization of our water supply. This is done by re-introducing the rare and precious minerals such as, gold, silver, zinc, magnesium, silica, and iridium  back into our water and food supplies.

 Did you know for example that:

1. Silver is the #1 germ/pathogen killer on earth and that we need it in our diets in order to have a properly working immune system? 
2. That colloidal gold has been clinically shown to enhance brain function, including both long and short term memory among other benefits?
3. Silica regenerates living cells by eliminating waste inside the body by stimulating the lymph system?
4. 90% of America's fresh water is being shipped to China?

Thanks to the far reaching GREED of certain major corporations, such as Nestle, the worlds fresh water supplies are diminishing, as well as being hoarded by wealthy power brokers. Our main objective is to show people how we can replenish our water supply with the nutrients that we need to thrive.